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April 15, 2023

Fun Places to See on Your Next Abuja Trip

Abuja is reputable for the popular Zuma rock but over the years, it has developed to house a lot of innovations and Tourist attractions. On your next visit to Abuja, make sure that you don’t leave until you have visited the places that we will be listed below.

1. Jabi Lake park

Abuja does not boast of a lot of beaches like Lagos but a visit to Jabi Lake park will compensate for that just right. whether you wish to take rides on boats, take your kids out for a fun family outing or simply sit in the shade with your favourite book. You can go your own little adventure if you are usually laid back, partake in one of the frequent dancing competitions or ride one of the well-groomed horses. Where you are the extrovert or introvert, Jabi Lake park has all it takes to leave you in awe.

2. Gurara falls

If you meditate a lot, you want to consider visiting the Gurara falls. Gurara falls is located at Suleja and is one of the most Breath-taking waterfalls near Abuja. It’s a perfect place for picnics or simply having alone time. The water is cool and you can swim in the little ponds under the falls. The fall has picturesque views of rock formations together with beautiful flowers, trees and bushes. It is also close to the popular Zuma rock.

3. Abuja International Motor Fair

This will definitely interest car lovers, the inspiration for your next car could just come from here. Enjoy the captivating car shows at the Abuja International motor fair. You might also want to check out the Rimz & Beatz car show and the Drift league.

4. Zimbabwe

Hold on – this was a typo; there is actually a nice outdoor spot about 35km from Abuja city called ‘ Zimbabwe’.  It has affordable food and drinks, fish, barbecued beef, palm wine, chicken, basically, a host of local cuisines, spicy traditional and bushmeat delicacies. We recommend Zimbabwe on a cool evening.

5. IBB Golf course

The IBB Golf course has 18 beautiful holes (long front 9 and challenging back 9). The ambience of this golf course is spectacular. There’s great food combined with affordable drinks and you could sit on the terrace for hours with friends without any disturbances. It’s also a great place to meet people. There are two tennis courts, great caddies and golf pros, all in a really nice atmosphere.

6. Pedam Lake

Most Abuja – dwellers have not discovered this awesome spot but Pedam Lake is worth your time. Pedam Lake lies behind the presidential Villa, sprawling towards Nassarawa state. For lovers of great adventure, this is your go-to spot. It is not well developed for tourism, but it is a great place to unwind.

7. The Trukadero place

The Trukadero is well known for bowling activities but it is not only for bowling but for other games like snooker and board games; they also have an amusement park as well as a restaurant.

8. The Dome

The Dome on airport road also promises an experience that has never been seen in Africa as it guarantees an exceptional experience through bowling. With pool tables, video games, several restaurants and bowling alleys, this place is a nice time out and a great way to do something unusual and exciting.



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